Month: May 2017

My New Healthy Life

I wanted to lead a new healthy life, but didn’t have the time to hit the gym. Then, I stumbled on to these Kegel exercises – let me tell you how it helps get the job done. Buy the best blood pressure monitor for home use only.

When it comes to health, it goes without saying that you need to exercise regularly in order to keep fit. And while these exercises are fairly easy, the challenge lies in locating the muscles and working on it.

Both men and women suffer from urinary incontinence but doing these exercises regularly should help you deal with the issue and even cure it. Apart from consulting your gynecologist, you may want to try out a few simple kegel workouts.

Locating the Muscles

The one way for you to sense your pelvic muscles is by inserting a finger into your rectum and tense up while keeping your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks loose. Alternatively, try to tense up as you pass gas, either method should help you locate your pelvic muscles.

Once you have located them, you can try out a few kegel exercises which should help improve your health while keeping you fit. In case you are still unsure about your pelvic muscles, consult a doctor to help you determine the same.

Kegel Exercises

How to do Kegel Exercise?

  • Empty your bladder prior to starting these exercises.
  • Tense up the muscles in your pelvic floor for two to three seconds, and then return back to normal.
  • Now do the same for ten reps.

Remember that while Kegel exercises do come highly recommended by doctors for a variety of reasons, do not expect immediate benefits of the same.

Be Patient!

It will be a while before you start noticing any effects of these exercises, but they do help limit and even eliminate urinary incontinence issues. They work differently on different people so it will be a while before you can see the impact of these exercises. And try to do three sets of ten reps in a day, and this should help tone and strengthen those pelvic muscles.

And remember, when doing these exercises, you should start off with smaller reps and slowly increase it over time. And try not to overdo these exercises, as with all fitness workout sessions, overtiring a muscle will only impact its functionality.

Do it the Right Way!

Do keep your abdomen muscles, lower back muscles and thighs loose as you do the Kegel workouts. In case you experience pain or discomfort or both when doing these exercises, that means you are not doing it right. So make sure you are doing the exercise correctly, and in no time at all, your pelvic muscles should be well toned.

There are quite a few variants of the same exercise, but the basic premise is the same – you are essentially trying to give your pelvic muscles a workout. And as always, remember that you need to ensure that you keep fit by exercising regularly for good physical health.